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Preclinical model- the N-IF mouse

About us


InfiCure Bio is a life science company, which started as a project at Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) in 2013. The project was initiated by Prof. Dan Holmberg and Dr. Sofia Mayans based on research conducted in the research group of Prof. Holmberg at the Universities of Umeå and Lund. The company, InfiCure Bio, was established in 2015 and the founders of the company are Dan Holmberg and Sofia Mayans.

Preclinical model – the N-IF mouse

The base of the company is a unique preclinical model for studies of fibrosis together with the owners’ competence in the field of inflammation/fibrosis as well as in work with preclinical models.

Development of fibrosis in the model is spontaneous, seen in multiple organs (e.g. liver and kidney) and is preceded by chronic inflammation. This resembles many of the human condition that constitute important therapy segments eg chronic liver disease and chronic kidney disease.

The company’s preferred business model is to offer pharmaceutical companies to test their new anti-inflammatory/anti-fibrotic drugs in the unique preclinical model. The offer includes set-up, execution, analysis and reporting of results from the effect tests.


Mats Forsman, Chairman of the Board

Mats has extensive experience in marketing and production from leading positions at e.g. AstraZeneca AB. Through his involvement in the innovation sphere in Umeå, Mats has gained experience from several start up companies in medical technology. Mats is Chairman of the Board of InfiCure Bio AB. 

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Gunnar Skogman, Board member

Gunnar has a PhD and extensive experience from the pharmaceutical industry. He has served as Director for strategic planning and business development at AstraZeneca AB and he has a strong background in the biotech sector from his previous positions as CEO and Head of Research at Symbicom AB. Gunnar is member of the Board of InfiCure Bio AB.

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Dan Holmberg, CSO and Board member

Dan has been a professor in Medical Genetics since 1999 at the Universities of Umeå, Copenhagen and Lund. He has more than 30 years of experience from research in immunology, autoimmune disease and inflammation. Co-founder of Symbicom AB, and co-founder and chairman of Famgen AB. Dan is CSO and member the Board of InfiCure Bio AB.

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Sofia Mayans, CEO

Sofia has a PhD in Medical Genetics and more than 10 years of experience from research in immunology, genetics and autoimmunity from Umeå University and Copenhagen University. She did her postdoc at La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology in San Diego, USA. Sofia is the CEO  of InfiCure Bio AB.

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