Welcome to InfiCure Bio

InfiCure Bio is a life science company focusing on preclinical development and validation of drugs that target chronic inflammatory and fibrotic conditions.

Based on a panel of in vivo models for these conditions including a proprietary model for chronic inflammation and fibrosis, we offer effect tests of anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic drugs.

Founded on extensive experience and expertise in immunology, inflammation and fibrosis research, InfiCure Bio offers a proficient and flexible processing of drug validation projects in this area.


NASH summit in Frankfurt

InfiCure Bio is present at the 2nd NASH summit in Europe held in Frankfurt. We are presenting our new models for NASH, the NIF-HFD mouse and the MEL-HFD mouse. InfiCure did also moderate the round [...]

  • Treatment of fibrosis in N-IF

New publication on the N-IF mouse

We are happy to announce that a new publication on the N-IF mouse is published in Plos One. The publication shows treatment of liver fibrosis in the N-IF mouse and the results verify that the fibrosis, which [...]