The unique fibrosis model offered by InfiCure is attracting international attention. Last month the startup signed their first contract for a full-service preclinical pilot study to test two substances for an american client in Boston. The trial i currently underway, with all lab work beeing done on location in Umeå.

Late October, InfiCure Bio signed up for collaboration with their first ever international client – a life sciences company situated in Boston, USA. Currently, lab work is underway in Umeå to complete and deliver the first order abroad.

Few options for testing drugs against fibrosis

The order is for a full-service preclinical trial of two substances with potential to affect fibrosis – or scar tissue formation in organs due to long lasting inflammation. As there is a limited number of model systems available for fibrosis studies. The shortage of preclinical testing systems makes the whole organism-model offered by InfiCure Bio an attractive option.

High quality lab work in Umeå

InfiCure Bio offers a complete trial service with lab work and analysis on sight in Umeå. Three highly qualified staff members are currently involved in completion of the laboratory tests, and compilation of results in a final report.

Besides increasing Inficure’s credibility as a professional trail service partner, the international order gives the emplyees a well deserved boost in motivation. Sofia Mayans, CEO at InfiCure Bio, is please with the project so far.

– The work is proceeding according to schedule, and we expect the last laboratory tasks to be completed this weekend, says Sofia Mayans.

The project is expected to take around a month to complete. If the substances perform well, further collaboration may be in stora – as this first order is a pilot study.

Text: Carolina Hawranek, UBI