Information about GDPR and Cookies

When you fill in the contact form, Inficure Bio will save your contact information to be able to get in touch. If you want to delete your information, just let us know by sending an e-mail to or use the contact form.

A cookie is a text-based data file that a website may request to save in the site visitor’s computer. Cookies are often used to give the visitor access to various features or services on the site. The information in the data file makes it possible to satisfy the visitor’s choice on the site. There are two different types of cookies: cookies and session cookies.

For example, cookies are used to tell the visitor what has happened to the site since last visit. This type of cookies can also be used to keep statistics, save username and password for login services. The storage time for these cookies is determined by the site.

Session cookies can be used for the time the visitor is active on the site. These cookies are only temporarily stored in the visitor’s computer memory and are automatically deleted when the visitor closes their browser. A common use of this kind of cookies is to keep track of temporary settings like language, CSS, username / password, or similar. They can also facilitate some type of navigation on the site.

Inficure Bio uses session cookies and cookies from third parties, such as Youtub files and statistics from Google Analytics.

Common misconceptions regarding cookies are that there is a kind of virus. That cookies can help find out personal information from a computer or send spam. Nothing of this is true, cookies are just data.

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