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The NIF mouse- a new and unique preclinical model for fibrosis treatment

The NIF mouse presents an early-onset fibrosis in several organs. The fibrosis develops spontaneously, has a 100% penetrance and is treatable. This phenotype makes the NIF model a unique tool for efficacy tests of new drugs to treat fibrotic disorders.

InfiCure Bio provides a high-quality service with tailor-made protocols that will help you achieve your goals. We offer a personalized full service-package of treatments and analyses, on a very attractive fee-for-service basis including histology, hydroxyproline measurement, qPCR, ELISA, and FACS analysis. In addition, we also serve as a platform for MSD Immunoassays.

As our customer, you will only provide the compounds to be tested, the rest will be performed by our highly qualified team of experts. The experienced personnel at InfiCure Bio have the capability to test different routes of administration for your compounds, to answer to your needs. All analyses will be reported as raw data, to ensure that you have the flexibility to analyse and draw your own conclusions from the data.

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