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InfiCure Bio is a life science company, which started as a project at Umeå Biotech Incubator (UBI) in 2013. The project was initiated by Prof. Dan Holmberg and Dr. Sofia Mayans based on research conducted in the research group of Prof. Holmberg at the Universities of Umeå and Lund. The company, InfiCure Bio, was established in 2015 and the founders of the company are Dan Holmberg and Sofia Mayans.

Preclinical model – the NIF mouse

The base of the company is a unique preclinical model for studies of fibrosis together with the owners’ competence in the field of inflammation/fibrosis as well as in work with preclinical models.

Development of fibrosis in the model is spontaneous, seen in multiple organs (e.g. liver and kidney) and is preceded by chronic inflammation. This resembles many of the human condition that constitute important therapy segments eg chronic liver disease and chronic kidney disease.

The company’s preferred business model is to offer pharmaceutical companies to test their new anti-inflammatory/anti-fibrotic drugs in the unique preclinical model. The offer includes set-up, execution, analysis and reporting of results from the effect tests.


Mattias Eriksson, Board member

Mattias has more than seventeen years of experience from the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, both within large companies such as AstraZeneca and Pfizer as well as in smaller start-up companies. He has worked with investments in early companies at Innovationsbron and later Almi Invest and since 2016 he is working with company investments at Partnerinvest. He has been a member of several corporate boards and is now member of the Board of InfiCure Bio.

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Mattias Pettersson, Board member

Mattias has a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics from Umeå School of business and economics. He has more than twenty years of experience from operating businesses in building material retailing and real estate housing. For more than ten years he has been investing and working with enterprises in their early stages. Mattias is the co-founder of three regional venture capital companies and he has been board member of several corporate boards primarily in early stage ventures and he is now member of the Board of InfiCure Bio.

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Dan Holmberg, CSO and Chair of the Board

Dan has been a professor in Medical Genetics since 1999 at the Universities of Umeå, Copenhagen and Lund. He has more than 30 years of experience from research in immunology, autoimmune disease and inflammation. Co-founder of Symbicom AB, and co-founder and chairman of Famgen AB. Dan is CSO and member the Board of InfiCure Bio AB.

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Sofia Mayans, CEO and Board member

Sofia has a PhD in Medical Genetics and more than 10 years of experience from research in immunology, genetics and autoimmunity from Umeå University and Copenhagen University. She did her postdoc at La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology in San Diego, USA. Sofia is CEO and member of the Board of InfiCure Bio AB.

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Privacy Policy

We know the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, we adhere to strict guidelines regarding how we handle sensitive data. Especially when we borrow personal information about you.

In this policy you can read in detail about how we handle personal data, for which reason, and how you can control what data we store about you. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@inficurebio.comif you would like more information about the legal aspects of handling personal data.

  1. General
  1. This privacy policy (”Privacy Policy”), describes how InfiCure Bio AB, corporate registration number 559008-3803, with its principal place of business at Tvistevägen 48C, 907 36 Umeå, Sweden (“InfiCure”), collects, uses, discloses, stores and otherwise process personal data.
  2. This Privacy Policy describes, amongst other things, which information we collect about you, how your personal data is processed and for what purposes we collect and use the personal data. This Privacy Policy also describes your rights and how you can contact us about the use of your personal data.
  3. InfiCure is the data controller responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.
  1. What types of data do we process?

Personal data means all types of information which can, directly or indirectly, be used to identify a living physical person (“Personal Data”).

  1. InfiCure collects and processes Personal Data about you when you use the contact form on the company’s website. The information that we collect and process in such cases include:
  • contact information including name, email address and telephone number; and
  • other Personal Data that you provide us with.

(i) and (ii) above is collectively referred to as ”Contact Information”.

2. InfiCure collects information that is necessary for us to be able to contact you in your role as a representative for a company. InfiCure collects and processes information about you if you represent a company that is a customer, supplier, contractor or otherwise partner of ours, as well as a potential customer, supplier, contractor or otherwise partner of ours. The information that we collect and process in such cases include contact information (such as name, address, title, company, email address and telephone number).

3. InfiCure also collects Personal Data in connection with recruiting staff members. When you contact us to apply for a job opportunity with us, we collect such Personal Data that you provide us with in connection with such application. Personal Data normally included in a job application is contact information (name, address, email address and telephone number), CV (including previous work experience and education), and occasionally picture and personal registration number.

  1. Why do we process your personal data?

InfiCure collects Personal Data relating to you for the following reasons:

  1. to market ourselves
  2. to contact you as a representative for a customer, supplier, contractor or otherwise partner of ours
  3. to process job applications and
  4. to fulfil requirements by law.
  1. The legal grounds for processing personal data

InfiCure’s processing of your Personal Data is based on the legal grounds as follows:

Legitimate interests

The legitimate interest of InfiCure constitute the legal basis for processing in situations where you provide us with your contact information by handing us a business card or otherwise has expressed an interest in our or services. The legitimate interests of InfiCure in such cases is for InfiCure to be able to market it’s services.

Furthermore, the legitimate interest of InfiCure is the legal basis for when InfiCure is processing your personal data when you are a representative for a customer, supplier, contractor or otherwise partner of ours. The legitimate interests of InfiCure in such cases are InfiCure’s need to contact you as a representative to administer the relationship InfiCure has with the company that you represent.

Also, the legitimate interest of InfiCure is the legal basis for InfiCure’s processing of your Personal Data in connection with your job application, in which cases the legitimate interests of InfiCure are to be able to secure that its employees has sufficient education and experience.

Additionally, the legitimate interest of InfiCure is the legal basis for InfiCure’s processing of your Personal Data in connection with InfiCure distributing newsletters, invitations to events and collaboration offers. The legitimate interests of InfiCure in such cases is for InfiCure to be able to market itself and its services.

Legal obligation

InfiCure may process your Personal Data for the purpose of complying with safety standards and other statutory requirements, based on the legal ground that this is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which InfiCure is subject.

  1. For how long do we store data?

Your Personal Data is stored only for as long as there is a need to keep the data in order to fulfil the purposes for which the data was collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The Personal Data will be deleted or anonymized if the purpose of collection and use of Personal Data has been achieved.

  1. How may data be shared?
  • InfiCure will not sell, trade or lease your Personal Data to third parties. However, InfiCure may share Personal Data with our trusted subcontractors (including Internet service providers). They may need access to the Personal Data in their assignment for us, but they will not be allowed to use the Personal Data for any other purpose.
  • Unless otherwise set forth in any specific information regarding our processing of your personal data, InfiCure will not transfer your Personal Data to any country outside the EU/EEA.
  • Personal Data may be disclosed by InfiCure to comply with legal requirements or other requirements from official authorities, in order to safeguard InfiCure’s legal interests or to detect, prevent, or draw attention to frauds or other safety or technical problems.
  1. Protection of your personal data

You should always feel secure when you provide your Personal Data to us. We have employed a wide range of security measures to help protect your Personal Data against undue access, modification and deletion.

We protect your Personal Data using reasonable safeguards to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. These measures include data encryption and firewalls.

  1. Your rights regarding your data

Withdrawal of consent

You will always have the option of letting us know if you no longer agree to the collection, use and transfer of your Personal Data according to this Privacy Policy and (if applicable) any specific privacy notice governing our use of your personal information in a specific case. In connection thereto, you will also have the right to request that we erase all of your Personal Data (unless the Personal Data has to be saved for another purpose, for example to fulfil legal obligations).

Corrections, additions or erasure

You are always entitled to access your Personal Data for viewing, and to request that we correct or update your Personal Data. Furthermore, you have the right to demand that we erase your Personal Data (unless the Personal Data has to be saved for another purpose, for example to fulfil legal obligations).

Restriction of use and data portability

Under certain circumstances, you may request that InfiCure restricts the use of your Personal Data. You also have the right to have your Personal Data resubmitted to you, in a structured and accessible format, for transfer to another user/processor.

Requests and Complaints

If you wish to exercise any of the abovementioned rights or if you have any questions regarding Personal Data held by us or this online Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us (for contact information, please see section 11 below).

Should you be dissatisfied with our processing of your Personal Data, please let us know, and we will do our best to meet your complaints. Your integrity is very important to us, and we always strive to protect and secure your Personal Data in the best possible way. Should we nevertheless, in your opinion, fail in this ambition, please note that you are also entitled to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Sw. Datainspektionen, which will change its name to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten), or such other authority as may be determined in the future.

  1. Cookies information

Our website requires the use of cookies to work properly. A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk, allowing our server to remember specific information about your session.

As a first-time visitor to our website, you will be asked for approval for us saving cookies on your computer. You can later delete these cookies by clearing your browser cache. You can block cookies if you like, either all or only those from specific websites.

When you fill in the contact form, Inficure Bio will save your contact information to be able to get in touch. If you want to delete your information, just let us know by sending an e-mail to info@inficurebio.com or use the contact form.

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Inficure Bio uses session cookies and cookies from third parties, such as Youtub files and statistics from Google Analytics.

Common misconceptions regarding cookies are that there is a kind of virus. That cookies can help find out personal information from a computer or send spam. Nothing of this is true, cookies are just data.

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  1. Changes to this privacy policy

InfiCure may, at any time, make amendments to this Privacy Policy. InfiCure will publish the amended version at our website. If the amendments are substantial, InfiCure will send the amended Privacy Policy to your email, and if InfiCure does not have your email, InfiCure will send it to you by other means (if possible).

  1. How to contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the processing of your Personal Data or if you would like to obtain information about any stored Personal Data about you.

You can contact us at: InfiCure Bio AB, 907 36 Umeå, Sweden, or by email info@inficurebio.com.